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Welcome to TITIRANGI!

TITIRANGI is the name of a city in New Zealand, just outside of Auckland which marked the beginning of a 6 month nature adventure, across the north and south islands.

TITIRANGI signals for us new horizons, liberty and adventure whether that may be a road-trip, a new business concept or surfing with friends on the weekends. TITIRANGI offers recent vehicles ready to accompany you for short and long distance trips.

Who we are?

The company was founded in 2013 when, passionate about great outdoors and adventure, we realized that it was difficult in France to find recent vans in good condition at correct prices.

Trustfull in our ecological transition and the developpement of « Green » mobility solutions, we deliver a specific selection of Tesla electric cars since 2019.

70 rue Émile Fourcand 33000 Bordeaux Nouvelle Aquitaine,