Your VW van or Tesla is available
at Titirangi

The Concept

Our goal is to offer you recent vans, in top condition and revised at best prices. All of our vehicles are inspected and corrected if needed, in terms of mechanics, body repair and interiors, to ensure a clean and reliable base for your future utilisation as a camping car.

We specialised in what we believed to be the best two models currently available on the market: the VW Transporter and the Mercedes VITO.

A clear historical maintenance record

All of our vehicles have a clear historical maintenance record which confirm the servicing and milage over time.

Vehicles guaranteed from 3 to 12 months

We offer a basic 3 month guarantee in metropolitan France via our insurance for the engine, gearbox and transmission on all vehicles. This guarantee can be extended to up to 12 months to cover up to 16 mechanical aspects at our request as an option.

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