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Consult here the answers to frequently asked questions:

What types of vehicles does TITIRANGI offer?
TITIRANGI specialized itself in only VW Transporters. These models are available in various size (VW TRANSPORTER short 4.9m and VW long 5.3m), heights (from 1.95m for a VW L1H1 to 2.7m for a Transporter L2H3) and configurations (2 or 3 seats, and exceptionally up to 9 seats). About electric cars, TITIRANGI specialized only in TESLA véhicles.
What is the provenance of the vehicles?
In the interests of transparency, we only offer vehicles from French VW and TESLA dealerships.
Can TITIRANGI furnish the interior of the vehicles?
Our goal is to offer you a clean base (interior and exterior) for your future furnishing to minimize the price. There are a number of actors on the market if you wish to customize your van and we can assist you with numerous contacts if needed.
Can TITIRANGI source and fill a request for a vehicle according to specific criteria?
If you have a specific need and manifest a commitment to purchase the vehicle, we can assist you to procure a van according to certain configuration on request.
What does the guarantee cover?
We are highly reputed by our clients who travel from afar to purchase vehicules from our garage (more than one hundred vans sold each year). In return, we offer via our insurance a minimum 3 points 3 months mechanical guarantee on all vehicules for repairs anywhere in France Metropolitan. On request, as an option, this guarantee can be extended to 12 months and for 16 mechanical points.
Does TITIRANGI accept trade-ins or exchanges?
No, TITIRANGI does not accept any trade-ins or exchanges from clients. All of the vehicules we sell are sourced and selected via our trusted VW and MERCEDES partners.

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